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The bride and groom have just paid homage to each other, to Heaven and Earth … as well as to the family ancestors.

Finally —and to Leonard’s special delight— to the Kitchen God, Tsao – Chun.

A classic Chinese wedding feast at Leonard’s. The food is so memorably authentic because we built a special Chinese kitchen—ready for top Chinese chefs.

Ah, the delicious aftermath of that exchange of vows!

Your whole wedding party will be served the entire range of legendary, mouth-watering Chinese dishes. They’ll feast on everything from Geoduck and salmon Sashimi … to Lobster with Butter & Cheese …to the most scrumptious Coral Shrimp and Alaskan King Crab Legs imaginable.
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Of course, the wedding festivities are traditional Chinese family style.

You can pick from a customized menu up to twelve courses. And in the familiar Chinese family style tradition --- everyone will be seated at huge round tables topped by magnificent rotating serving platters.
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No, you can’t do better than to schedule your Chinese wedding feast at Leonard’s Palazzo. Not even if you flew straight into the heart of China.

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