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The legendary corporate party at Leonard’s.

The Great Gatsby would feel right at home here.

We strongly doubt your company will find better, more luxurious dining headquarters anywhere.

Who knew the president of the company could sing “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” so sweetly?

No-one knew.

That’s the beauty of a successful company party. It brings out surprises at every turn. For it shouldn’t only be about the food. It should also be about something more intangible — the spirit of the company itself. Is it great to work there? Does it foster genuine camaraderie? Is it a place where you can actually let your hair down? No matter where you sit on the corporate rung. Even if you happen to sit at the very top.

That’s the real benefit here. It’s a chance to bond. To share that infectious feeling of solidarity. Of course, there’s also an entirely different factor to consider. Leonard’s astonishing space flexibility. From the smallest gatherings to events for no less than 1,000 people -—Leonard’s can accommodate all sizes brilliantly.

BBQ, anyone? The answer to that question is a thunderous yes at Leonard’s.

The classic American barbecue tradition is alive and well again at Leonard’s Palazzo.

Reward Your Company!

Treat Everyone To A Fabulous Brunch At Leonard's.
They deserve it. And incidentally, you do too. Leonard's mouthwatering spread will make everyone ecstatic. As will the magnificent surroundings in which you'll all be devouring it.