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No other place this side of the Atlantic can offer you the exuberant soul and beating heart of a true Nigerian wedding.

Find out why New York’s Nigerian community has been celebrating their weddings at Leonard’s Palazzo for generations.


A Nigrian wedding is not exactly an intimate little affair. Luckily, Leonard's can accomodate hundreds of partying guests and dazzle them with authentic Nigerian cuisine.

After a Nigerian bride and groom emerge from Leonard's, they seem to magically radiate a new serenity and nobility.

Marriage is supremely important in Nigerian society. After they are wed, neither bride nor groom are what they were before. The union has transformed them. Each has now achieved a higher status and can expect to be accorded all the respect and honor their new station in life demands.

Our Nigerian wedding feast is so loaded with mouth-watering delicacies, your taste buds will be standing and cheering all the time.

What you’re seeing here is that beloved Nigerian classic —Jolluf rice.It’s also called Benachin. This incredibly flavorful one pot dish is spiced and stewed in a rich tomato broth. You’ll quickly learn that its taste is simply out of this world.

Of course, a Nigerian wedding feast boasts a wide variety of other fantastic dishes. For instance, there’s delectable Oghwo soup. It’s made from stock fish, pepper, potash and a sprinkling of cassava granules. Then there’s Amala — a terrific-tasting treat made from pounded yam flour. And let’s not forget Ewedo soup. It’s a magic potion consisting of Ewedu leaves, melon and yes --- locust beans.

These are just a few of the many Nigerian delicacies that will be put in front of you. Make sure you arrive hungry. You’ll want to fully enjoy every morsel of this scrumptious wedding feast.